The Option Studio

Option trading course

Learn to trade options using the best method, designed to quickly move you from studying theory to making a profit! 

Option Trading Without The Greeks!

Our teaching style intentionally avoids using complicated concepts, like the “greeks”. It’s not that they don’t matter. It’s just that for most retail traders, understanding the “greeks” just isn’t necessary to become a profitable trader. Our trading style focuses understanding metrics like maximum gain, maximum loss, and choosing higher probability trades to increase profit.

Simple math can lead to enormous profits!

Here’s what’s included in the course:

Online Video Training

You get immediate access to a 5-module, 42 video online course that you can access from anywhere, at any time. 

Module 1: One Option

Module 2: Stock Plus Options

Module 3: Two-Option Spreads

Module 4: Multiple – Part Option Spreads

Module 5: Time Spreads

The videos are short and to the point in order to help you learn quickly and effectively. Our goal is to have you making trades within the first week or two after taking the course!

Option Pay-Off Graph

Being able to visualize each option strategy is a key component to learning to trade quickly and profitably.

The Pay-off graph helps students better understand where the position will make and lose money.

This is a key part of moving from theory to actually making consistent profits on trades!

Live Coaching

Your education is not complete without live interaction with a teacher.

You will have access to get any questions answered and challenging concepts broken down so that you understand!

This is that separates this course from a book on theory. Live training paired with a simplified theoretical view will get you up the learning curve faster than ever!

The Option Studio

When you join, you will receive:

  • Immediate access to the full online video course,
  • The Option Payoff Graph to assist in visualizing strategies,
  • A live coaching call to insure that you understand all of the concepts and start making trades.

3-Month Coaching + Video Instruction

Imagine being able to hop on a phone call with an option trading expert once a week for 3 months? What questions could you ask? How many trade ideas could you discuss? How much better will you be just three months from NOW? 

That’s why we offer this option to the dedicated student! This is the fast track to learning to trade options profitably!

You will gain lifetime access to the full online course, plus you have a weekly call with  a professional option trader. Those calls will be part instruction and part trade discovery. You will improve in your understanding MUCH faster than anyone reading a book or simply going it alone!

This is the most popular AND most effective training program!